What’s wrong? CBSE Class 12 Board marks revised from 42 to 90 and 68 to 95


Is the Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) marking system going horribly wrong? Recent media reports say Class 12 students, shocked to receive 68 and 42 in math in the board exams, reapplied for verification of marks – which were then increased to 95 and 90, respectively.

Such a huge difference in marking definitely means the board has bungled in a big way. The Times of India, which reported the change in marks has also claimed access to documents of a Mumbai student with 50, whose marks after verification, were revised to 90. Another student who had just secured 9 marks cleared the exam after it was revised to 45.

Though no official explanation has been forthcoming from CBSE, a senior official of the board admitted that the number of applications for verification of marks had been ‘unprecedented,’ TOI said.

Reacting to the reports, Khuisangmi Konghay, who passed Class 12 this year from the Holy Child Auxilium School, said a number of her friends had applied for verification and that she was “compelled to question the credibility of CBSE.:

Konghay added that the apparent bungling of marks was “illustrative of the widespread dissatisfaction with marks.In addition, there have been several cases of improvement of marks on verification.” She felt the number of such cases would have been manifold if re-evaluation was still in practice.

The CBSE had in October 2016 decided to discontinue board exam paper revaluation.

Sabika Syed, who has passed out of Summer Fields Schoool says “the bad news is that CBSE still isn’t trying to correct the distortions. What they probably don’t understand is that the scores we get have the power to shape our future and decide the kind of opportunities we get in the years to come.”Going wrong with scores just isn’t acceptable,she said.



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