15 Best Cash Registers for Small Businesses

Even though some independent retail businesses rely mainly on high tech point of sale systems, traditional cash registers can still offer value to small businesses. Cash registers are generally low cost and easy to use. They also offer some basic reporting features to help you stay on top of your bookkeeping and can offer a longer lifespan than POS systems that need to be updated constantly.

Best Cash Registers for Small Business

Casio TE4500

This cash register is made for retail stores, with a full keyboard, up to 200 clerk IDs, a receipt printer and LCD screen. It’s priced at about $560, with the cash drawer available as a separate purchase.

Casio PCR-T500

A cash register that includes all the basic options necessary to run a small retail business, this Casio model features a cash drawer, rear customer LCD display, and the ability to set up 40 different clerk IDs and 25 different departments.

best cash registers

Sam4s ER-380

A fairly budget friendly option, this cash register gives you the ability to set up 12 different departments and 500 PLUs. It also has a receipt printer, built-in cash drawer and clerk IDs. Pricing starts at just under $300.

best cash registers

Sam4s ER-940

A cash register that can work well in restaurants, this model includes a receipt and kitchen printer to help manage orders, along with automatic tax computation for tables and the ability to connect to popular POS systems. It retails for about $650.

best cash registers

Sam4s SPS-520 RT

This cash register is a fairly advanced model that includes a bar code scanner, card reader, touch screen display and the ability to set up 999 clerks and 99 PLU units. It’s also more pricey than a lot of the other options, at about $1,150.

best cash registers

First Data FD130

A compact terminal that’s made to go with electronic cash registers, this product from First Data gives you the ability to process credit and debit card payments and even checks. It features IP connectivity and wifi as a backup option for around $180.

best cash registers

Royal Consumer 52104Y-FE 120dx

A fairly basic cash register option, this Royal Consumer device is priced at just under $100. The product features a four clerk ID system, automatic tax computation and a locking cash drawer.

best cash registers


Royal 100CX

A simple, portable model, this cash register is very affordable for small businesses at about $70. It includes a head unit only and is battery powered, so business owners that sell at flea markets or craft fairs can use it to track and hold cash transactions.

best cash registers

Royal TS1200MW

This touchscreen cash register includes user prompts to help even beginners operate the machine easily. It also features an ID system that lets you add up to 40 different clerks and manage reports and tax information. It retails for about $600.

best cash registers

Sharp XEA207

One of Sharp’s most popular cash registers, the XEA207 features a credit card reader, the ability to set up 99 departments and 25 clerks and a setup process that focuses on ease of use. It retails for about $250.

best cash registers

Sharp XEA407

A more advanced version of Sharp’s cash register, this model includes card connectivity, 40 clerk IDs and the ability to connect to QuickBooks Pro. The retail price ranges from about $285 to $350.

best cash registers

Sharp XEA107

On the other hand, the XEA107 is a bit more basic and affordable for the small businesses that don’t need tons of advanced features. It includes eight pre-programmed departments, price lookup options, a large display and four clerk IDs for just over $100 from most retailers.

Casio SE-C3500

A cash register made for fast food or quick service restaurants, it includes a ten-line screen that makes it easy for cashiers to track and manage orders with multiple items. It also has a heavy duty cash drawer built to hold up to continuous transactions.

best cash registers

Casio PCR-T2300

This model includes a locking drawer, interactive setup, four tax rates and an optional PC programming tool. The retail price starts at around $270.

best cash registers

Casio SE-G1SC-RD

A basic cash register priced at about $85 that includes a cash drawer with key lock, rear LCD display and eight clerk numbers, this Casio option also comes in several different colors so you can match it to your store’s design.

best cash registers

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