25 Tech Blogs Everyone in the Industry Should Subscribe To

Whether you’re a professional in the tech industry, someone with a passing interest in the topic or a frequent consumer of tech gadgets (and let’s face it: who isn’t these days?) there’s the perfect blog out there for you to stay up to date with industry news, new products, trends, opinions, analysis and more. Not sure where to look to find the best reads for you? Here are 25 of our favorite tech blogs listed in alphabetical order.

1. Ars Technica

Perfect for techies in the industry and others interested in the field, Ars Technica (Latin for “the art of technology”) was founded by Ken Fisher in 1998 as a site for technologists and IT professionals — what Fisher deemed “alpha geeks.” Today, it offers tech news, analysis, product reviews and much more, presented in an accessible, easy-to-digest way. Learn about cars, gaming, the future of tech and our world — what have you. (Plus, find out if you’re a Newton or a Leibniz with this personality quiz for math and history geeks.)

2. The Bits (New York Times)

What’s going on in the tech industry and beyond? The Bits column in The New York Times offers up-to-date coverage on topics ranging from politics to lifestyle and everything in between — all related to technology and its impact on our lives. The column is updated weekly.

3. Business Insider

Though not strictly focused on technology, Business Insider has been a trusted source for all things business, including technology, finance, politics and media, since 2007. Its tech vertical, Tech Insider, features the latest news and opinions on topics like startups, tech giants, artificial intelligence, 5G and more.


Want to find the best car for under $30,000? Looking for a sneak peek at Amazon’s top Black Friday deals? CNET offers reviews of nearly any tech product or gadget imaginable. But it doesn’t end there. The tech blog also offers news and coverage on the industry, how-tos (learn what security changes you need to make on Windows 10, for example, or discover the ins and outs of EKG tracking on your smartwatch), videos and more.

5. Digital Trends

As the name implies, Digital Trends is your source for all things digital, from guides to gaming, cars, computers and music to Black Friday deals and much more. You’ll receive valuable guidance on topics like how to take a screenshot or record calls on your iPhone. You can also find products and products review, including recommendations for the best TV shows and movies on Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

6. Engadget

Established in 2004 and currently owned by AOL, Engadget offers videos, news and reviews of products and more. Learn about the best gear to get, the TV shows you should be watching (and devices you should be using to watch them) and what the future of tech and our world holds.

7. Fast Company

Since 1995, Fast Company has been a leading source of news about the intersection of business and technology and how they impact each other. Geared toward business leaders, it covers topics such as innovation, leadership, work life and creativity. For example, learn why Lin-Manuel Miranda decided to open a bookstore in the “age of Amazon.” Subscribe to the blog’s newsletters to stay up-to-date — you can customize your subscription preferences to get the content you want.

8. Futurism

The publishing arm of a media company with the same name, Futurism delivers tech news and reviews on how products and innovations are being used for good (and maybe, sometimes, not so good) now and in the future. The tech blog also features videos and a newsletter.

9. Gizmodo

Gizmodo was originally the tech vertical of Gawker Media Network, launched in 2002. Today, it’s part of the G/O Media and covers a range of science and technology topics, including science fiction (io9) and climate change and the environment (Earther).

10. Hacker Noon

An independent tech blog, Hacker Noon offers a wide variety of topics, including AI, crypto, coding and many others. Largely for people in the industry, the blog also offers articles of interest to others. For example, author Vladimir Bok recently published “Why I Donate All of My Book’s Proceeds to Girls Who Code,” chronicling the history of and advocating for more women in software engineering.

11. LifeWire

Offering advice, news, guides and more, LifeWire’s widely-read content is created by more than 50 technology professionals, including software developers, consultants, educators and others. The site boast a library of more than 17,000 pieces of content developed over its 20-year history. Learn how your phone can fix voting, discover how to organize your iPad and find solutions to many, many tech-related problems.

12. Mashable

Mashable is one of the most well-known tech blogs, covering news, products, science and more. You can also access its user-friendly guides and watch videos on tech trends. One recent article explained how to “trick the internet” to find the best deals on flights. The site also covers areas such as social good, entertainment and culture.

13. MIT Technology Review

Are explosives detectors any match for a dog’s nose? The MIT Technology Review has the answer. (It’s no.) The site offers plenty of authoritative news and information on all things tech, with topics such as climate change, blockchain, space and humans and technology.

14. The Next Web

The largest Canadian site dedicated to technology, The Next Web (TNW) originally began as a conference. Today, it offers a smart and sometimes irreverent coverage on technology trends, tools and more on topics such as coding, the cloud, security and AI.

15. Recode

Launched in 2014, Vox’s tech vertical has the latest insights from the industry, exploring how tech and its makers are impacting the world. In addition to news, it offers opinion and analytical pieces and features podcasts and events like the forthcoming Code Conference 2020. It’s a highly reputable and trusted resource for people in the business and those who want to learn more about technology.

16. ReadWrite

Looking at topics such as fintech, smart cities and homes, startups, connected device and more, ReadWrite calls itself “The Blog of Things.” The tech blog doesn’t shy away from hard-hitting subjects; recent articles include “Why Multicultural Marketing Needs Machine Learning and Facial Tracking” and “Can IoT Bridge The Gaps In Modern Mental Health Treatment?”

17. Techaeris

Alex Hernandez founded Techaeris in 2013 with the aim of providing an alternative to tech blogs run by corporations and “conflicting interests” in the stories they produced. To this end, the blog is independent and boasts non-biased, honest, accessible reviews and coverage.

18. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is your source for news about gadgets, apps, startups and tech events. You’ll also find videos, podcasts and newsletters with different themes delivery frequencies — The Daily Crunch for the day’s biggest headlines, The Station for weekly transportation updates, Crunchbase daily for news about startups and funding and more.

19. TechMeme

Some of the biggest names in the tech industry read TechMeme. Founded in 2005 by Gabe Rivera, it curates tech news from a variety of sources, providing summaries and analyses on critical events and news and highlighting the most important and relevant stories through a “thoughtful combination of both algorithmic and human editing.”

20. TechRepublic

With a resource library packed with research, reports and more and forums to discuss general and niche topics with other users, TechRepublic is a blog for professionals in business and technology. Learn, for example, why Gen Z employees need to be managed differently from Millennials or how tech can help identify hate-speech videos.

21. TechSpot

Professionals and tech users alike will appreciate this widely-read blog. Founded in 1998, it explores technology’s impact through articles and reviews. It also features forums for discussions and perspectives, downloads and a product finder.

22. VentureBeat

Since 2006, VentureBeat has provided news, research, opinions and more, largely for business professionals, entrepreneurs, developers and others. Recent headlines include “AI ethics is all about power” and “The U.S. military, algorithmic warfare, and big tech.” In addition to articles, the blog has a job board and newsletter and offers details on events.

23. The Verge

What does the future of technology hold? How is it changing our lives? The Verge is an accessible tech blog for everyone. It offers content on a wide range of topics, from news about tech giants like Amazon and Facebook to cybersecurity to entertainment and science. It also includes product reviews, podcasts, videos, a newsletter and a store with tee-shirts, mugs, mousepads and more.

24. Wirecutter

WireCutter’s headline “Don’t Buy a Pet Camera. These Security Cameras Are the Best Way to Spy on Your Dog or Cat.” led me, a dog mom, to sit up and take notice. Owned by The New York Times, the blog covers electronics, kitchen and dining, home and garden, gifts and more, thoroughly review the latest technology for all aspects of your life.

25. Wired

Dating back to 1993, Wired has provided authoritative and sometimes humorous takes on technology and its impact. According to HuffPost, “Wired is to tech what Rolling Stone is to music.” The magazine explores how technology affects the world in areas such as the economy, transportation, politics, business, security and culture. Specific topics range from gift ideas for people who work from home to quieting your gadgets at night to help you sleep to how to bring equality to data ownership.


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