Beat Menstrual Disorder by Practicing Yoga Regularly: Study

Beat Menstrual Disorder by Practicing Yoga Regularly: Study

While every woman responds differently to the monthly cycle of menstruation, most will agree on the fact that it isn’t quite a pleasant experience. Some women are able breeze through those otherwise dreadful 5 days, while others may feel their life coming to a standstill. Dysmenorrhea, or sever menstrual pain interferes with a woman’s regular routine and can also make her feel excessively ill. It may come accompanied with cramping, bloating, lower back pain, heavy bleeding, fatigue, and of course, intolerable pain. Research explains that for some women the pain can be as worse as getting a heart attack!

There is no dearth of research exploring ways to mitigate the pain. A recent study conducted by a team of experts at King’s College London, links practicing yoga with reduced menstrual pain in women. For the study, the researchers carried out a systematic review of the published literature on yoga practice and common menstrual disorders.

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Those women who participated in the study reported feeling relaxed and less pained after practicing yoga. 15 different studies were examined that analysed the effects of yogic practice on premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder among many other menstruation linked issues. The study was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and concluded that a combination of Pranayama and other yogic relaxation or meditation techniques may have a beneficial effect on menstrual discomfort.


“All included studies reported some change in their outcome measures, suggesting reduced symptoms of menstrual distress following a yoga intervention,” the study said.


5 Natural Ways to Beat Menstrual Distress


– Indulge in light physical activity ranging from taking a brisk walk to practicing yoga.


– Take a hot water shower


– Sip on green tea or chamomile tea. Add a dash of ginger and black pepper for better results.


– Soak fenugreek seeds in water, leave overnight, drink the water first thing in the morning.


– Messaging sesame oil onto your lower abdomen will also bring relief.




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