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Know These Flower Decoration Tips For Your Home

Flower decoration for your home is an age-old idea, probable one of the oldest home decorating ideas of all. So flower arrangement ideas are not something that has sprung out of nowhere into the forefront. However, contemporary flower arrangements are different from their ancient counterparts and are changing swiftly even as you read.
If you have set your eyes upon a floral home decor to give your home a face lift then you are in need of some fresh flower arrangement ideas.Here are some flower decoration ideas for your home.

Flower decoration ideas for your home are:

1.Bouquets and Bunches: There is no harm in using this per-historic flower arrangement idea but it is not going to fetch you any eyeballs unless you do it differently. Let your bouquets have modern designs and team them up with contemporary home decorating accessories like acrylic pots or tinted glass vases. Your ensemble should give out the look of a piece of modern art instead of just flowers if your home’s flower decoration has to be special.

2.Floral Shades and Murals: Instead of using plain flowers, use shades of floral colors to give your home a floral theme altogether. Keep your furniture to soft neutral colors and go for bright sunflower yellow or camellia pink for the walls Huge murals and floral prints for wall are really in these days. You can try this kind of flower decoration for your home in the kids’ bedroom; especially if you have a little girl.

3.Floral Pom Poms: This is a totally new concept of flower decoration for your home. Imagine the poms poms in the hands of teen-aged school cheerleaders in floral designs and hanging from your ceiling. This flower arrangement idea will give your home a totally novel look. It is a bold new look that can go very well for your living room.

4.Floral Lampshades and Candles: Candles are bound in holy matrimony with flowers and you can always use this safely tested home decorating idea for a pretty show. Floating candles in a bowl of water strewn with flowers is a old trick in the book. It may not surprise you but it will never fail you. Lampshades can be made interesting by adding floral patterns and shades to them. They will complement the entire setup very well.

5.Dry Flower Arrangements: Dry flowers are a new trend that is catching up quickly because of its shelf life. You could use dry flowers in various ways like hanging bunches from the ceiling, sticking them on photo frames or make wreaths out of them to hang on the walls. This is a new area that can be explored to the fullest.




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