BlackBerry CEO Says Tech firms need to observe Lawful access Requests

BlackBerry CEO Says Tech Firms Should Comply With Lawful Access Requests

Tech corporations should follow lawful requests to get entry to covered records, BlackBerry leader executive John Chen stated on Monday, in thinly veiled grievance of rival Apple Inc for its recent standoff with the FBI.

Chen made the comment in a blog posting after reviews with the aid of Vice and Motherboard closing week that threw a spotlight on a 2014 case wherein Canadian law enforcement government used intercepted messages among a few BlackBerry devices to unravel an organised crime network.

The gadgets were customer telephones that were not protected via BlackBerry’s BES server, which helps at ease any devices walking within corporate networks.

“we’ve got long been clear in our stance that tech companies as appropriate corporate residents should comply with reasonable lawful get entry to requests,” stated Chen in the post.

“we are indeed in a dark location whilst businesses placed their reputations above the extra top,” stated Chen, who’s regarded to not turn away from publicly sparring with rivals.

Chen, who maintains the BES is “impenetrable” and that simplest BlackBerry’s clients can furnish get right of entry to to messages secured by using it, has weighed in at the lawful get admission to topic some of instances within the previous couple of months, together with in every other weblog remaining December.

He additionally commented on the topic at a media roundtable earlier this month, while asked to comment about BlackBerry’s safety skills in mild of the united states Federal Bureau of research’s hacking of an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. Apple had declined to assist authorities unencumber the encrypted tool.

“not that we are able to crack each phone, however from the point of view of BlackBerry’s philosophy, coverage and standards, we can help every time there is a proper subpoena that comes to us and we had been doing it for many, many, years,” said Chen.

“however due to the fact we don’t have a backdoor and since the encryption technology has now gotten to a degree wherein we may additionally, or may not be capable of penetrate it, we will have the equal problems, however we may not have the identical mindset approximately it and it won’t be front web page information.”

“Of course we are not Apple, so it could or might not make the front page information both,” introduced Chen with a coy smile.

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