Brainstorm Health: Health Policy Valentine’s, NantHealth and Baxter, Cancer Deaths

Image result for Brainstorm Health: Health Policy Valentine's, NantHealth and Baxter, Cancer DeathsA happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who celebrate! I know, I know… Valentine’s can be a sore subject for some, whether for the inevitable singles-shaming, the overt money-grab nature of the whole affair, etc. But there’s a bright spot in all this for the health care nerds out there – and it’s called #HealthPolicyValentines.

This is one of my favorite little social media events. Basically, a bunch of Very Online dorks get together and share lame (but brilliant!) puns that relate to health policy.

I invite you to look upon some of the entries this year (they range from the simplistic, to the profound, to the, well, super corny). They’re all under the #HealthPolicyValentines hashtag on Twitter. Heck, even CMS Administrator Seema Verma got in on the game this year.

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