Diet mistakes you should avoid

Don't expect results too soon (Thinkstock)
Don’t expect results too soon (Thinkstock)
Keep long intervals between meals
When you keep long gaps between meals, you will tend to eat more at your next one, thereby defeating the very purpose of being on a diet. Instead of having three meals everyday, break them down into five or six smaller ones. This way you won’t get hunger pangs neither will you tend to overeat during mealtimes.

Not being flexible enough
Now we don’t mean this literally. Being flexible means that you have to allow yourself to work around your day when it comes to working out and adjusting your mealtimes. If for some reason you cannot exercise one mornig, make sure you make up with a workout in the evening. Don’t skip exercising because that means undoing all the good work you’ve done at the gym the week before.

Losing the first few kilograms will be relatively easier than losing the final five. Don’t be in a mad rush to lose weight. Chances are that you will end up being discouraged and give up on your diet midway. Give yourself time and be patient when you’re on a diet.

Not planning in advance
Don’t assume that you’ll be able to whip up your diet meals at the drop of a hat. Plan your weekly meals in advance so that not only are you tempted to cheat on your diet by taking the easy way out but also don’t waste time wondering what to whip up.

Staying away from carbs
It is important to realise that carbs are not the enemy! Don’t make the cardinal error of skipping carbohydrates — your body needs them as much if when you are dieting. Foods that contains starch — potoatoes, white bread, pasta and rice fill you up faster. All you need to do is to keep an eye on your portions.


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