Foods that help relieve morning sickness

Ginger helps relieve morning sickness (Thinkstock)
Pregnancy brings with it a number of experiences and changes — physical, mental as well emotional. And one of the initial things that a large number of women go through (some are actually lucky enough to escape it!) is morning sickness. While some say that dealing with nausea, vomiting and giddiness is somewhat manageable, others aren’t that lucky. Anything can trigger off a bout of morning sickness — smell, sight or taste. Certain foods, though, can come to your rescue. Stock your kitchen with some of these to battle morning sickness the natural way…

  • Lemons: Whether you want to add some lemon drops in a glass of water, sniff them or simply bite on the slices, Lemons will do a great job in keeping nausea at bay.
  • Raw milk: Rich in calcium, milk will soothe your tummy and ensure that you don’t throw up everything you eat.
  • Ginger: Slice Ginger pieces and sprinkle over your salad or simply grate and add in a cup of tea. Ginger has anti inflammatory properties and is great at relieving nausea.
  • Peppermint tea: Not only will peppermint tea keep you hydrated, it will also settle your tummy when you feel like throwing up your previous meal.
  • Cereal: A lot of women say that eating a bowl of plain cereal helps them battle morning sickness effectively.

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