Google Triangle App Is Aimed at Helping You Save Mobile Data

Google Triangle App Is Aimed at Helping You Save Mobile Data

Google has launched a new Triangle app that’s aimed at save that precious mobile data from being wasted unnecessarily. The app is currently being tested only in the Philippines, and most of the features work only for Globe and Smart prepaid users only. This app is designed mainly for those regions where data caps are a big deal still – and optimum utilisation of data is essential.

The Triangle app sees your current data usage, looks at your data cap, checks data balance, and uses a feature called Data Saver to block unwanted data usage. In addition to individually blocking apps from using data, it even lets you set a time frame within which the apps can use data (10 to 30 minutes), after which they go back to not using any data.

It also allows Globe and Smart prepaid users to download and try new apps without risk of running out of data, and get extra data by using apps you have and love. This is obviously available for only select apps like Waze and Mobile Legends for now, and the extra data isn’t too much. For example, screenshots show about 10MB to 15MB of data rewards, and while that isn’t too much, you get what you take when you’re a prepaid customer.

The app also promises to give 100MB data as welcome gift to Philippine users after completing registration. “Get the most out of your mobile data pack. Triangle is a new app being tried out in the Philippines that helps you better manage your data usage and block unwanted background data,” the Triangle app listing reads.

As mentioned, the app is being tested for now, but it will hopefully be released to a wider audience soon, with support for more networks. If you’re in the Philippines, download the app from Google Play Store, and if you live in other regions, you could try the APK Mirror, and let us know what features work in your region in the comments below.



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