Halal cosmetics: The latest organic trend

Clean organic products gain popularity (Thinkstock)
Clean organic products gain popularity (Thinkstock)
We have all heard of eco-friendly, vegan, organic cosmetic merchandises and the latest trend in the beauty industry is halal products. According to recent international reports, it has been predicted that the halal beauty market is projected to grow over 15 per cent in the next five years.

Experts say that the rise in demand for such skincare goods is due to the sizeable growth in the younger, educated consumers who are more aware about the environment, animal welfare and possess values like social responsibility. Cosmetic dermatologist and laser surgeon Dr Apratim Goel adds, “And that is the reason why it is not just one particular religious community (followers of Islam), which is asking for this category.”

Halal branded personal care products and cosmetics, are those that do not have alcohol derivatives, nor do they have ingredients from animals that were slaughtered in the non-halal way. Dermatologist Dr Soma Sarkar says, “Halal certified natural cosmetics were initially made particularly for the communities that follow the Islamic laws but now many are opting for these because of their properties.”

Manufacturers of such cosmetics, have to adhere to certain strict standards of handling, packaging, labelling, distributing and storing, in order for these products to qualify as halal, states Dr Goel. Not just skincare and personal care products, but even the biggest international beauty brands are coming up with halal make-up.

What is it about?
Make-up products that do not contain any pork, animal blood, or alcohol ingredients are considered halal. Strict rules are followed when it comes to these products — cleanliness of utensils, materials that are not harmful to humans.

What does it mean?
The word halal literally means ‘permissible’ and is translated as ‘lawful’.

Heard of halal nail paints? These are breathable nail paints and lacquers that allow water to percolate.


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