Don’t let these ailments get you down this monsoon


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With monsoon upon us, it’s time to take extra care of your health. With a number of ailments doing the rounds, health experts are urging Mumbaikars to pay heed to simple measures that will safeguard them against these problems.

Common monsoon diseases
Physician Dr Abhay Vispute says that some of the most common ailments during monsoon are malaria, dengue, leptospirosis, viral fever, respiratory tract infection, typhoid etc. He explains, “In different age groups, these diseases may vary from one to another. Children have more chances to catch a viral infection or fever while older people have higher chances of pneumonia, acute exacerbation of asthma and chronic chest infections. Middle-aged individuals are more prone to get affected by diarrhoea, gastronomical diseases and malaria. Compared to last year, there is an increase in the reported cases of gastrointestinal problems in the city.”

Symptoms and treatment

Common symptoms such as fever, headache, dizziness, stomachache or diarrhoea should be dealt with before they become worse and one ends up in a more critical condition. After experiencing any of these symptoms, one should immediately consult a doctor to nip the ailment in the bud.

Precautions to take
Monsoon means dirty roads, floods and an increased chance of catching infections. Children tend to play around in puddles, which can easily cause an infection. It is best to try and avoid walking in dirty water. If you get wet in the rain, dry yourself as soon as you can and thoroughly wash your feet. Don’t forget to dry your hair. It is also important to keep your body adequately hydrated. Have at least two to three litres of water a day. This will automatically heal any minor symptoms developing in the body. Street food is not advisable at all since contaminated water is often used to prepare it. A little responsibility towards your health during monsoon can make this season more fun and enjoyable.
Summing it up, consultant, internal medicines, Dr Behram Pardiwalla advises one to take adequate precaution in order to safeguard their health during the season. “Gastro problems, dengue, bacteria-caused typhoid, fever, sore throat and weakness are de rigueur this time of the year. While weakness and fever are some of the initial symptoms, it is best to avoid self-medication and visit your doctor, who will check you and accordingly begin treatment. Simple precautions that you take will help keep you safe and healthy. Do not take any symptom lightly and
use a sanitiser regularly.


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