‘High level of allergy’ leads to rise in demand for yoga accessories from abroad

This rise in demand is mainly due to the high level of allergy and humidity in these countries.

The demand for yoga equipment and accessories in foreign countries, including Australia and Canada, has been growing for the past few years, an expert has said here.

The yoga products are being sought after by the people in foreign countries due to the “high level of allergy”, he said.

“There has been a huge demand for neti patra, a traditional pot used in cleansing the nasal passage, and other yoga accessories in foreign countries. The demand has been growing since the last few years,” Ramchandara Surve, general secretary of Sri Ambika Yoga Kutir, a premier yoga institute, told reporters yesterday.

“This rise in demand is mainly due to the high level of allergy and humidity in these countries,” he added.

“A large number of youths are now turning to yoga as they have become health conscious…this is a very good sign,” Surve said. Sri Ambika Yoga Kutir, which has 91 branches across the world, said 1,000 neti patra are being dispatched by it to Australia and 800 to Canada this month alone.

The Maharashtra government had last year appointed a committee headed by Surve to prepare a roadmap for a yoga treatment system. A couple of months back, the panel submitted to the government a report with several recommendations.

“The recommendations include using a combination of yoga and ayurveda to treat patients, inclusion of study of yoga in educational institutions, spread of yoga in rural areas and at tourism centres,” he said.

As per the recommendations, yoga training should also be imparted in institutions like health centres, ashram schools and anganwadis. The committee also suggested that the teaching methods of various yoga institutes be studied and a unified system be developed for the people, Surve said.


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