Honey, Lemon and Water: Myth or Miracle?

Honey, Lemon and Water: Myth or Miracle?

“In India, many people start their day with a warm cup of honey, lemon and water to lose weight. Now, honey and lemon are both popularly recognized for their many health benefits. Honey is a powerhouse of antioxidants and flavonoids, that help boost one’s immunity. It is low on the glycemic index and hence does not contribute to calories. Lemon is a very rich source of Vitamin C and works as a detoxifying agent. The pectin fibres present in lemon slow down the digestion of sugars and starches, and improve gut health,” says Dr. Sapna V Roshni, Dermatologist, Cocoona Centre of Aesthetic Transformation. But put together – is the concoction of honey, lemon and water actually good for you… Or not? We spoke to health experts to find out the truth.

1. Cleanses Your Body: Yes or No?

Dietician Anshul Jaibharat says, “Honey, lemon and water is cleansing in nature and it’s a great way to the break the fast after sleeping at night and detox. But for this to be effective, you need to drink it at a lukewarm temperature as soon as you wake up and make sure the honey you’re using is pure and preferably organic.”

2. Promotes Weight Loss: Yes or No?

Dr. Madhuri Aggarwal, Mumbai-based Dermatologist says, “There is no scientific data to prove that drinking honey, lemon and water promotes weight loss”. “According to me, it is a myth that drinking honey, lemon and water can reduce fat or cut fat. It soothes the bowels and helps in weight management, but not weight loss. The combination of honey and lemon makes you feel full for longer, and reduces cravings, thus helping you maintain a healthy weight,” adds Dietician Anshul.

3. Boosts Energy: Yes or No?

“Drinking honey, lemon and water helps boost energy, and especially helps in maintaining energy levels during your workout sessions,” adds Dr. Aggarwal.

4. Improves Digestion: Yes or No?

“Consuming honey and lemon in lukewarm water helps relieve constipation and improves digestion. It is very soothing,” says Dr. Madhuri.
5. Boosts Immunity: Yes or No?

Dr. Manoj Ahuja, Fortis Hospital says, “It provides essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium. It helps kick-start your system, remove toxins and protects the body from catching infections”.

6. Lowers Chance of Urine Infection: Yes or No?

According to Dr. Madhuri, “Drinking honey, lemon and water first thing in the morning cleanses the urinary tract and keeps urine infections at bay.”

7. Good for Skin: Yes or No?

“This concoction does wonder for the skin, whether you’re applying it topically or drinking it. It is antibacterial and cleansing in nature, purifies your blood, boosts collagen and leaves you with radiant, flawless skin,” says Dr. Ahuja.


“Put together – honey, lemon and water – makes for a great way to kick start your day,” says Dr. Sapna V Roshni, Dermatologist, Cocoona Centre of Aesthetic Transformation. Dr. Anshul advises, “If you are acidic or allergic to lemon or honey, do not consume before consulting a specialist. Also, if you are watching your weight note that honey is a source of sugar, after all, so only consume it once a day. Otherwise, you can have it twice a day.”

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