John Abraham: Working-out is a full-time occupation for me

John Abraham (BCCL)
John Abraham says that working out for him is not an option, but a full-time occupation and that is why he has always managed to maintain a healthy and fit body. He shared some details on his diet and reportedly said, “I follow a very strict diet. The days when I allow myself to indulge are very few. I don’t see any reason to do that, because the food I eat is amazing. The idea is to check the nutritional value attached to your food, so a piece of fruit with natural sugar is far better than a dessert. I like vegetarian food, but I eat egg white and fish, as I need lots of protein to maintain my physique, and that is not possible on a strictly vegetarian diet. When I was working on ‘Force’, I had to put on some weight. So my diet would include oatmeal for breakfast and almost 30 eggs a day. But otherwise, my weight never fluctuates, and I ensure my diet is balanced. I eat a lot of proteins, but I haven’t totally cut out carbs.”


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