Why You Need to Protect the Foundation Walls of Your Home

Although most people do not think about the foundation of their home, it is not only what supports the entire house, but it protects the interior. When a house is not protected from humidity and water, the entire structure can suffer major damage.

Basements are Particularly Vulnerable to Moisture

Homes built with basements are especially susceptible to moisture seeping through cracks. The ground around the home soaks up water when it rains or snows. In cold climates when the water in these cracks freezes, it causes the concrete to expand, and the cracks will become bigger. Over time this can cause extensive damage.

There are steps, such as landscaping, that can be taken to direct water away from the home. However, waterproofing your home’s exterior walls is crucial. This is why companies such as A-Proseal provide services such as waterproofing exterior foundation walls.

When Foundations are Not Water Tight

As previously stated, the soil around your home contains water. When foundations are not water tight, this water can begin to come into the home. Once it gets into the home, it can result in loss of stability of the foundation. When you consider everything the foundation is supporting, this can be a dangerous situation. In addition, there are other dangers, such as poor indoor air quality resulting in mold. The electrical system is exposed to water, and damage to your furnishings is another problem.

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

What do you need to look for when checking your foundation for problems? Does your home appear to be settling or one side is lower than the other? If so, this could indicate foundation problems. When doors do not open properly or they drag when you open them, this is another indication. Sometimes this will occur when the humidity levels are high, but along with other factors, this could indicate a problem.

Protecting your home is a top priority. It is your biggest investment. When you inspect your home for problems regularly, you can have them taken care of before they become major issues.

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