An Overview on Dihydroboldenone Steroid and Its Effects

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Dihydroboldenone, which is also referred to as DHB for short as well as 1-testosterone, is an anabolic steroid supplement. The reason it is so popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts is the fact that it has some truly unique properties. It is actually a type derived from the synthetic anabolic steroid Boldenone, which is androgenic in nature. It tries to mimic the effects of testosterone. As it is a metabolite of Boldenone itself, it is also referred to as 4-Dihydroboldenone, besides DHB and 1-testerone.


The steroid is generally used in two ways. One is for medical purposes and reasons, as intended originally. The anabolic steroid is also commonly put to use by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, athletes and sportspersons. It is popular among the latter for its known benefits in accelerated performance of the physique, muscle growth and increase in muscle mass, body composition and so on and so forth. DHB is actually negligible androgenic; hence negative side effects such as blood pressure, increased agitation and irritability are much lower when compared to other such anabolic steroids. The effects of dihydroboldenone are quite interesting; as they are actually quite similar to those of testosterone. They are known to be positive for the maximum part, and highly effective. It is a mild steroid.


Also important to note, DHB is much milder when compared to other compounds and similar steroids. No major stress is caused by the kidneys, which is a case true for several other similar compounds and such anabolic steroids. Being highly anabolic, DHB is guaranteed to give noteworthy gains in muscles, toning of your physique and all – over bodybuilding. An interesting point is that DHB is actually much more anabolic than testosterone itself, as well as equipoise, in addition to DecaDurabolin. Definitely considered a great hormone and steroid for pre – contest scenarios, DHB brings impressive results.

Amount of PIP

While a certain bit of PIP or Post Injection Pain is inevitable, it is no reason to avoid DHB, keeping in mind all the positive aspects of the steroid. Furthermore, there are ways to battle the little amount of PIP. For example, diluting it with some other compound is a god method that users recommend. DHB is known to provide a lot of strength, stamina and muscle build up, without affecting the appetite in any way. A thorough PCT or post cycle therapy needs to be incorporated for the best results. DHB users have all described their experiences with using the popular steroid, as highly satisfactory.

The effects of dihydroboldenone are impressive. It can be used for quite long periods of time, thanks to the mild nature of the steroid. The risks associated with other stronger steroids and compounds are diminished manifold. Doping with DHB is detected in urine samples with the help of gas chromatography. The steroid is known for being effective and helpful to several bodybuilders, athletes and fitness freaks. It helps you get increased muscle mass, gain strength and stamina. It helps in the toning, hardening, and sharpening of the physique.

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