5 Handy Tips to Pick the Right IP Camera

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While there are many different types of security cameras now available on the market, Internet Protocol Cameras are highly preferred by homeowners and business owners due to the number of benefits that these cameras offer. If you too are looking to buy an IP Camera for your property, use the tips mentioned in this post to select the best.

While video cameras were a privilege only used by large commercial spaces in the past, they have now become a necessity for home and business owners. To keep up with the increasing demands of the consumers, security camera manufacturers now offer many different types of security cameras with a host of innovative features.

But as compared to all the other types of cameras, it is the Internet Protocol Cameras that are highly preferred by the buyers due to the number of benefits that these cameras offer. But with so many cameras now available on the market, it is not always easy for a buyer to select the right one.

To help you select the best, we have created a list of 5 useful tips which you can use if you are looking to buy an IP Camera for your property.

  1. Connectivity

Many of the latest Internet Cameras work on your existing network connection like Wi-Fi and do not have any wires. Not only wireless cameras are very easy to install, but they also support live streaming right on your mobile phone, computer or laptop from any part of the world. These cameras have their dedicated mobile apps for streaming on mobile and an online platform where you can watch the live stream from computers and laptops.

  1. Recording

The camera you select should have adequate storage capacity to store the recorded footage which you can view at a later stage in case of a burglary. Many of these cameras feature a built-in memory card slot where you can insert micro SD cards of up to 64GB and even more. Moreover, there are also Wi-Fi cameras which directly record the footage online on a cloud storage which you can easily access from any part of the world.

  1. Camera Type

IP Cameras are available for indoor and outdoor use. The cameras designed for outdoor use are usually weatherproof and have a sturdier build as compared to the indoor cameras to make sure that they can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. Moreover, apart from this some cameras also have a number of other features like motion and face detection, night vision, audio recording, 2-way audio, etc. Know the features that you need in your camera to pick the best.

  1. Recording Angle

You should go for a camera which can cover as much area as possible. Higher viewing angle will eliminate the need for you to use multiple cameras. A camera with a lower recording angle will have more blind spots which can be used by burglars. Many of the modern cameras feature revolving lens which can cover almost 360 degrees. If you are going for a camera with fixed lens, make sure that its recording angle is at least 120 degrees.

  1. Camera Quality

Last but not the least is the quality of the camera. You should pick a camera with the best recording quality to make sure that it can easily capture the smallest of details. There are now cameras which can record at 30 frames per second with a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. Such cameras can be excellent to enhance the security at your home, office, or any commercial space.

Use these tips when selecting a security camera and you are sure to pick one which perfectly suits your requirement.

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