Does Your Personal Website Need an SEO Strategy?

If you have built a personal blog or a resume website, you may wonder if you need to promote it. Most websites that conduct promotional activities are intended for monetizing. However, your personal website is just for your personal brand, you probably won’t be able to make a lot of money out of it. When that’s the case, it’s worthwhile to spend money on an SEO strategy? Does your personal website even need an SEO strategy? Read ahead to find out:

The Short Answer is “Yes”

Whether your personal website needs an SEO strategy or not largely depends on your name. Do you have a really unique name that cannot be mistaken for someone else’s? If that’s the case, then you don’t need to think too much about promoting your site. However, if your name is similar to other people, as most names are, then you might need an SEO strategy for your website. Go Google your name. What shows up? Is it your website (if it’s online)?

If you have a common name, other websites will probably come above yours. When someone, like a potential employer, types in your name to a search engine, the first website to show up should be your own. That’s why your personal website needs an SEO strategy. The idea is not the generate heavy volumes of traffic, as SEO does for online stores, but to get search engines to better connect your name to your personal website.

Hire an SEO Firm

If you are SEO newbie, it’s highly recommended to hire an SEO firm for the job. Find a local agency, like a digital marketing agency in Dubai if you live in the Middle East. The advantage of an SEO firm is that the professionals would know exactly how to promote your website. It’s possible that you can try simple SEO tactics, like using keywords, on your own. However, the pros will be able to provide you with more precise tactics. You can hire an SEO company on a temporary basis to create a strategy. There’s probably not need to hire an expensive firm on a retainer.

Don’t Spend Too Much

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on an SEO strategy like an online business. Unless you hire a firm, there will only be small expenses, or no expenses at all. You should come up with a budget for the plan to avoid overspending. However, the budget will depend on your requirements. Most SEO tactics don’t cost money. You will have to spend a bit if you plan on buying online ads, which is really unnecessary for a non-business website. If you are strapped for cash, don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a lot to get an SEP strategy for your personal website.

Connect Social Network Profiles

One of the most important roles a personal website plays is connecting all your social media accounts in one place. Part of your SEO strategy should heavily involve social media. It’s very important to get your name out there to get employers or potential clients to notice your profile. Your website can act as a hub where all these come together. Also, if someone visits your site, there should be a link to your LinkedIn profile as well, and vice versa.

Personal websites don’t need complicated SEO plans. However, having one is more beneficial than not having one.


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