Repco Bank business crosses ₹15,000 crore

Repco Bank, a cooperative bank under the administrative control of the Ministry of Home Affairs, today announced that its business has crossed 15,000 crore in FY19, with total deposits of 8,669 crore and advances of 6,337 crore.

Established in 1969 with the prime objective of rehabilitating repatriates from Sri Lanka, Burma and Vietnam, the bank has a unique reputation of catering to the repatriate community. With presence in 108 centres and 10-lakh customers, this cooperative sector bank has a strong financial net worth of around 800 crore.

In the past five years, it has recorded profit after tax of 100-crore-plus. For FY2018-19, it expects to post a profit of more than 110 crore.


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