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Segni Living Collection as a Modular Architecture for Living Area

Modular architecture, material combination for bookcase, kitchen chest, hutch and boiserie Segni Living is the new idea for the Living area Zampieri, with a graphic rhythm, an original and light sign and a play of light and material combination for bookcase, kitchen chest, hutch and boiserie.

Bookcase: Metal and wood variation, new finishing
The bookcase is a harmonious and airy variation of horizontal and vertical lines, made with aluminium frames with curve wood shelves like a tray. The aesthetic effect is a match of thickness and solidity. Realized in the wall or free version, fix on the ceiling and floor, the bookcase is focused on new materials, like the bronze sanitized and the Claywood wood finishing for shelves. Claywood is a liquid resin with an “old”rubber-coated effect. The surface is pleasing to the touch and very strong against scratches.

A complete collection with an urban mood
Bookcase, kitchen chest, hutch, and boiserie revoke the new Segni kitchen mood: a collection with an urban style and soft colors, innovative finishing and precise signs. An essential and unique mark with an original and elegant style that help the demand of a mix between a kitchen and living area.

The Zampieri tailor-made DNA
All Segni Living elements are modular but thanks to his DNA the company always develops “tailor made” projects. Every element can be made to measure with a technological production process but with an artisan, logic to realize the smallest made to measure details to satisfie every customer.

[Source:- Interiorzine]

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