Stay on course

Stay on course

Set Realistic Goal

If you are currently at 30% or above body fat, you can’t get down to a single-digit body fat in just a month or two. Always set practical and realistic fitness goals. Divide your goal into micro goals.

Set Deadlines

Deadlines keep you on track. A lot of people fail in their fitness resolutions due to lack of a deadline. It actually works as a motivating factor.

Make it Public

Making your resolution public gives you a psychological boost. Moreover, declaring your resolution socially, binds you to stick to it for a longer run, especially if your circle keeps reminding you.


Now, this principle is based on the law of attraction. You need to keep visualising the new and transformed version of yourself to keep at your goals.

Find A Partner

A like-minded partner with a similar goal can help you achieve it.

Plan A Reward

Plan a reward on your goal accomplishment. It could be a cheat meal or cheat day or may be something like some apparel. We all want rewards.


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