Tangled Apple EarPods, but make it fashion

Though it seems like most people have fully embraced AirPods, let us not forget our roots, and the fact that all of us were once victims to the wired, messy cable life. These tangled Apple EarPod earrings by artists Aleia Murawski and Samuel Copeland serve as a humbling reminder of from where we came. The statement piece, first put on our radar by XOXO Festival co-founder Andy Baio, sells for $40 on the duo’s merch shop, Beef’s World.

The story behind the earrings tells the sweet moment when the artists were inspired by a stranger on the subway listening to music on his tangled headphones. On the item listing, the duo describes their creation as Chaotic Spiral Headphone Earrings, which is a fair way to describe them.

Along with these beautiful chaos earrings, Beef’s World also sells Mini Magic Wand earrings, if you’re into bold fashion statements. Murawski and Copeland also have a delightful photo and video series in which they chronicle the rich inner lives of snails, which is well worth following on their Instagram.

Headphones as earrings is a concept that’s been thoroughly explored in various ways: there are different variations on Etsy, real Bluetooth headphones that also double as earrings, and one guy who even used his gauge piercings as AirPod holders.

Personally, I don’t think I can ever give up my wired EarPods for AirPods, because I lose everything I touch. I’m like David Blaine, but the disappearing items are unintentional, and I will never see my possessions again. Besides, I kind of enjoy untangling my headphones, especially if I’m standing in front of someone on the subway wearing AirPods. That’s just a fun little thing I like to do to make AirPods owners feel good about themselves.


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