Water-based exercises will always remain a hot trend

Water exercise
Water-based exercises are not a new trend. But the fact is that these kind of exercises will always remain a hot fitness fad. And experts agree. Asif Shaikh, a fitness professional, says, “Water-based exercises are good for people who have knee and joint problems and slipped disc issues. Beginners also get a metabolic benefit.” Fitness professionals say that since these are low-impact exercises, they are easy on the joints and can be done by everyone.

Victor D’Lima, a fitness professional, adds, “When you exercise in water, you don’t have any gravity forcing your body weight down onto your joints.” Water based exercises have a lot of benefits and, yes, it does help in losing weight in a much easier, effortless way.

Victor says, “Water-based exercises burn three times more calories than land-based ones. One can lose around 800 plus calories in an hour depending upon one’s metabolism, weight etc.” Our body is over 60 per cent water and it is a natural, organic element. So, working out in water is not just good for your body, but your mind as well. One can try it and feel blissfully energised say experts. Asif says, “Core development is better in water-based exercises than land-based ones because you need to balance yourself all the time. It also helps to work other smaller muscles that cannot be targeted by gym training. These exercises have both metabolic as well as cardio vascular benefits.”

With the October heat already upon us, it seems to be a good idea to dunk into the pool for a sweat-free exercise session. Here’s more on water-based exercises…

Warm-ups are essential
Yes, we have reiterated that working out in water is easier on your body, but that does not mean that you could give warm-ups a pass. Experts say that exercises like walking or marching under water is essential. Wearing aqua shoes could help. Warm-ups could also be done on land — light jogging, brisk walking, jumping rope etc.

Aqua spinning
Taking your spin class to the pool is one great move, say fitness experts. Victor explains, “This is primarily an under-water cycling class. Special aqua bikes are placed inside pools. The water level in the pool is above your waist and you pedal against the water.

Reasons to cycle in the water

  • You can lose up to 800kcal
  • Exercising in water is less dehydrating
  • It burns cellulite effectively
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Known to be impact-free on joints
  • There is no muscle soreness
  • It relieves stress and helps sleep
  • It enhances cardiovasular health
  • Helps better breathing
  • Aids muscles recovery and promotes flexibility

Aqua exercising with infants
Exercising in water is great for both the infant and the parent. Try pulling and kicking under water with your child. Always make sure that you are holding your baby comfortably and there is skin-to-skin contact. Pull your baby along with you in the water. You should be facing each other like shown in the picture. This helps your baby to gain confidence in water and also strengthens your bond. Maintaining eye-contact and talking to your baby will make this a fun exercise.

Aqua aerobics
Doing aerobics in water has great benefits, because it offers much greater resistance than air does. Experts explain that walking in water requires a lot more effort than walking on the land and that is the reason exercising inside water burns more calories.

Aqua noodle workout
A workout using the aqua noodle can help you get in shape and drop a few kilos. You could try the following exercise for your upper body. Wading through chest-high (shallow-end of the pool) water, hold both ends of your noodle on your left and right hand. Begin with the noodles held high above your head (like shown in the picture). Then, put both hands just below the water surface and extend your arms and push the noodle out. Pull it back to your chest. Keep repeating (at least 10 times). Do not stand at one place as you do this. Keep walking in the water, while you move your hands.

Stay safe
When exercising in a pool, ensure that you are not alone — a friend or a pool lifeguard should be around. Asif adds, “Sometimes people, even expert swimmers, could suffer from a sudden bout of dizziness, fainting spell or cramps, which could make them lose balance in the pool. To avoid such situations one must not exercise alone in the pool, especially so, if they are not expert swimmers.” It is also essential to consult a doctor before one begins any kind of new exercise programme.

Exercising in water burns more calories…
Jogging on land: Six calories * per minute
Aqua jogging: Eleven calories * a minute
* Approximately
Working out in water makes your muscles work harder, because your movements make your muscles fight against the resistance the water offers, thereby burning more fat. Experts say that this is the reason why you get a more intense workout and faster toning of muscles.

Did you know?
Marathon runners become a centimetre shorter when they finish their race
Running is a high-impact exercise. Experts say that every time your foot touches the ground, a shock travels up your legs and your spine. This shock is almost equal to around five time your own body weight. The repetitive pounding movement of sprinting tightens your muscles which in turn compresses the vertebrae of your spine. This is the reason why marathon runners are a centimetre shorter when they finish their race.


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