Wilson’s disease drug goes off the shelves

<p>Wilson's disease drug goes off the shelves<br></p>Wilson’s disease drug goes off the shelves

A life-saving medicine D-Penicillamine, used in treatment of Wilson’s disease, is unavailable across the country, jeopardising lives of many patients.
The shortage, primarily caused because of short supply of raw material used in the drug, prompted the drug regulator to call for an urgent meeting on Friday with five manufacturers of the drug.

Wilson’s disease is a rare genetic disorder that prevents the body from getting rid of extra copper. The accumulation of copper may damage liver, brain, kidneys and eyes. D-Penicillamine is known to remove excess copper via urine.

The unavailability of the drug assumes signifi cance as there is no alternative for D-Penicillamine.

Unavailability of the drug can lead to complications in patients or become severely incapacitated by neurological disease.

According to officials, drug makers have stopped manufacturing of D-Penicillamine because China which was the primary source for active pharmaceu tical ingredient (API) or raw material used in the medicine have stopped supplies.

The Central Drug Standard Control Organisation now have asked Indian manufacturers to resume production to meet the demand.

The government may also look at revising prices to make production financially viable.


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