10 jobs that will satiate your travel cravings

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Craving trips but stuck with a 9-5 job? We have a way out for you—write your resignation letter, send it to your senior, wait for approval.

Or, keep it in your office desk drawer, pack up and leave, no approvals required.

While this may read too badass and like a get-yourself-broke plan, we have a backup plan to get the money coming in for all your dream trips. Money enough to keep you hopping across the world. Time to test new waters and take over some of the coolest jobs that will make sure you keep travelling.

Choose one, choose all, travel.

1. Host a travel show
If Samantha Brown gives you those bitter pangs of jealousy with her work, it is time to get those videos rolling. With platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Vine, you might not even need to wait for a lucrative offer from a TV channel. Get that backpack ready, hit the roads, start a video library and you will have followers as well as money coming in (with tonnes of hard work of course). Do we have the next Samantha Brown in the readers here?

2. Take up Travel Photography
If you can marry your love for travel with photography and have Steve McCurry for an icon, there is little stopping you. A good number of publications, travel journals and websites like 500px will line your way to success. And yes, you can get going with those entry level cameras, including phone cameras, as well. One job that is sure to take you places!

3. Take out that camera, be a Nature Photographer
If Jarett Juarez could get it rolling with lifestyle and cold water surf culture photography, so can you. From a guy who was little known till a year or two back, Jarett Juarez has everything going for him now. While his photos are a work of wonder, it is no mission impossible. Look closer, nature has a lot to inspire. Get clicking.

4. Get into nature and wildlife conservation
Blend your love for travelling with nature and wildlife conservation and you can very well be the next Paul Nicklen. One of the coolest people on our list, this Canadian biologist works towards conservation of oceans and polar wildlife, a special mention to his efforts for creating awareness about the plight of polar bears. Equally loved for his photography skills as well, for he uses some astounding images to serve his purpose of conservation. Anyone in for some good deeds and positive karma points here? There are a lot of stamps for your passports as well.

5. Travel and teach yoga
While this will require years of hard work and practice, nothing beats the high of teaching yoga as you sprint all around the world. If you have this in mind, you can definitely take a leaf out of Mike Sherbakov’s book, an amazing yoga trainer and philanthropist. An ardent traveller, this man has rolled his yoga mat on terrains as diverse as Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat to Mexico and Turkey.

6. The coolest of the whole lot – Adventurer/Survival Consultant
That reads quite cool, right? Well, it is and you can be one if you can think a step ahead of the very famous Bear Grylls. While he is one of the most recognised adventurers in the world, set your aim to be the next Megan Hine. Yes, the woman who has been the Survival Consultant for Grylls for decades now. This is no easy job though, for Ms Hine has been chased by furious lions and drug gangs; can also catch fish with bare hands and knows which bugs can be eaten!

7. Be an Adventure Rider, the Alex Chacon way
While this “job” owes its origin to one man—Alex Chacon—you can definitely follow in his steps. This guy has taken his bike for more than 200,000 km, been to 41+ countries (still counting) and is the name behind the famous 360 degrees travel selfie. His job description also reads Social Media Influencer, Video Producer, YouTube Talent, Inspirational Speaker, and of course Adventure Rider.

8. Taste play, be a Chef
If chasing flavours all across the world is the stuff that your dreams are made of, you can very well be the next Anthony Bourdain. While exploring world cuisines and hosting TV shows for the same is just the iceberg tip, you can widen the horizon. Join a cruise ship as a chef, work at world’s best restaurants, stay with locals in faraway lands to learn diverse cuisines or more. Think of what more you can do with your chef’s degree other than staying cooped in some plush city restaurant; you can have the whole world on the platter.

9. Know your grammar well—teach English
TEFL/TESL is still the buzzword for anyone with a sense of wanderlust and teaching. This course or a degree in English can take you around the world. Though native English speakers have an edge over the others, some teaching experience and a certificate like CELTA can take you to the beaches in Bali, the remote villages in Japan, right across the Great Wall of China or the uncharted lands of Japan. Take a lesson or two by the way Liz Carlson has shaped her career, and you would know why teaching English is one of the most lucrative options for travellers.

10. A jack of all trades
This is perhaps the most important job you can take over from this list. Go the Lauren Conrad way and satiate your travel cravings, for this lady dabbles in fashion designing, blogging, acting, travel writing, fitness training and a lot more to keep the travel ball rolling. One look at her Instagram account and you would know why it’s good to dabble in it all. No specialisations advised here.




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