5 signs you should quit a vegan diet

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Loading up on fruits and vegetables may not seem like a bad idea. However, the vegan diet may always not be the best for optimum health. Obsessing over any diet can have some side effects. According to nutritionist Urvashi Sawhney, if you experience any of these signs, it is time that you give up the vegan diet.

1.You are always bloated: If you eat only kale smoothies, beans and legumes for days, you can experience a lot of bloating. If bloating persists for weeks, it is a sign that you should stop eating a vegan diet.

2. You are always tired: Vegan diet provides you non-heme iron from plants. Not getting enough heme iron from animal sources can leave you feeling sluggish and tired. Also, vitamin B12 occurs naturally in animal products, and when you do not get enough of the vitamin, you may suffer from dizziness and loss of appetite.

3. Your skin and hair become dull: If you notice that you have grown extra pale, or your nails have become brittle and yellow, or your hair started following out, you must stop the diet right away. All these side effects could be because you are not getting enough nutrients from your food. Lack of protein could be one reason why you lose the lack lustre in your skin and hair, and animal proteins are packed with all the essential amino acids. Also, find out if Indian vegan diet has any side effects?

4. You have osteoporosis: Dairy is one of the best sources of calcium, but if you eliminate dairy from your diet you need to take other calcium supplements. However, giving up dairy may not be a good idea if you have osteoporosis as you may find it very difficult to meet your calcium needs. Here are expert tips for people with osteoporosis to improve bone health.

5. You obsess over vegan diet: If you have become obsessed with vegan diet, it is a red flag that you stop eating vegan now. If you have started overthinking everything you put in your mouth, or if you fear that you will mess up with your food all the time, you must go back to following your old diet.




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