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Amazon: 10 cool home decor items you can buy under 10,000

Amazon: 10 cool home decor items under ₹10,000

Home is where the heart is. And it’s the perfect place for you to show off your unique style. However, designing and accessorizing your home can be quite overwhelming. You’re constantly scurrying around looking for the right buys, yet you somehow end up spending all your money, but without getting the desired look. AD makes this a norm every week, offering a curated list of trending home decor pieces complete with links and prices to save you some legwork. All the decor pieces are from Amazon, because the website’s curation of home decor items is enviable. The e-commerce giant has all kinds of home decor ranging from cutlery to dustbins! Besides that, Amazon also offers special sale prices, filters for different price slugs and even decor additions for festivals.

Amazon Home Decor | Home Accessories under INR 10,000

Our list of favourites from Amazon this week include a wine bottle holder by Erbanize, a golden wall mirror by Hosley, a rechargeable night lamp by House of Quirk, among other covetable home decor pieces on the online retail giant’s website. There’s no concern of burning a hole in your millennial pocket—these handpicked decor pieces are all below INR 10,000! Think pocket-friendly deals for the best home decor steals. If you’re planning a soiree, or a movie night, a barbecue or even a morning brunch—investing in a few of these things is a good idea, for they’ll do a great job in enlivening your room with fun and elegant decor. Keep scrolling for all the items we’ve rounded up for you. The good news? Most of them are on discount.

Amazon: 10 cool home decor items under ₹10,000

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