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Revamp your home this Eid


Eid has always been a family affair, but nowa days people also believe in creating a beautiful environment for their family and guests so that everyone can enjoy the feast and leave the table satiated. After constant dawn-to-sunset fasting for 29 to 30 days, Eid is that single day during which Muslims are not permitted to fast. Hence it is clearly obvious that everyone looks forward to an exceptional Eid dinner that will fill their stomachs and also be a treat to their eyes.
We bring to you, new ways to revamp your home decor this Eid so you can host your guests in an attractive environment.

Keep it colourful

The festive season demands bright colours. So don’t hesitate in playing with them! Says Farheen Rizvi, a self-styled expert in interior designing, “One can either go for painting their walls or just retouching their furniture up with some beautiful bright colours. Be it cushion covers, table tops, curtains or bed sheets, just pick a beautiful colour scheme and touch up your place for a bright and fresh atmosphere.

Make it flowery

Flowers are the most beautiful accessory and add to the beauty and fragrance.Place flowers in plain transparent glasses or in a vase that has been lying around. A transparent bowl with flowers floating in it, add to the effect.

Add a royal touch

This is the correct time to bring out those beautiful cushions, curtains and rugs from your store room to the living room.And if you don’t own any, then this is the right time to go and shop for some. Amaara Khan, a homemaker who loves to dress up her home, shares, “Dig up those carefully kept expensive rugs, cushions and throws from your storeroom. What better time than Eid to bring out those splendid piece of art. They will enhance the look of your house.”

Curtains and rugs are said to give a royal effect to the atmosphere if one owns the right pair.These will help in giving the impression of a royal lifestyle and the Eid feast would add to it.

Make it light and bright

Lanterns, lamps and lights are another cool way of lighting and brightening up the place.From fairy lights to big lamps, one can use anything to brighten up the house. Lanterns and lamps would be perfect for the master bedroom and living room, whereas fairy lights would be best for the kids’ rooms.

A touch of earth

Stones and marbles do best as permanent decors for any place. They are the easiest to keep and maintain. They will look the same even after a year. Place stones and marbles or potpourri in transparent glass bowls and Poof! You’re done! Position them either in the centre of the table or on the bed post, anything would look pretty and glam.

Use some text

Garlands, those printables sold in the market are the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to decorate a place in a short span of time. During this festive season, one can easily buy garlands with ‘EID MUBARAK’ or ‘HAPPY EID’ printed on them. Another way is to select some beautiful shapes and designs like moon and stars from the internet, get them printed on thick paper and make a cut-out. These can be used in the kids’ room as well.

These easy steps will surely help you revamp and freshen up your home for Eid. So, celebrate this pious festival with all you heart and call over as many guests as you want. After all, you’ve gone the extra mile to prepare the best feast for your guests.Eid Mubarak!




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