Eat this, lose fat

Eat this, lose fat (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images)

Great Gobhi Cauliflower

This common winter veggie gets a bad rap for being an acidity- inducing food. But if your gut can handle it, a cup of cauliflower has 2 gm of fibre for 27 calories, plus it has vitamin C that is known to rev up metabolism.

Super Spice Cinnamon

This spice is rich in polyphenols that keeps blood sugar levels on the right track. A Swedish study found that including cinnamon in your meals increases satiety. “Spices, in the right quantity, help in ‘appetite management’ which is essential for weight management. But you can’t have cinnamon-laced tea with oil-laden pakoras,” says Delhi-based sports nutritionist Loveneet Batra.

Peas Please Green Peas

Full of dietary fibre, vitamins and proteins that propel weight loss, peas contain about 67 calories per cooked cup. Have it as a stand-alone snack or mix it with high-calorie foods or carb-rich meals to bring down the total calorie content.

Fruit Force Guava

At 112 calories per cup, guava is a satiating snack. One cup of guava meets more than 20 per cent of your daily fibre needs. “Besides being rich in fibre, guavas are high in water content that keeps you full and also gives a natural sugar rush,” says Neelanjana Singh, nutritionist. Add to it the vitamin C bonus.

Keep It Sharp Red Pepper

“Red peppers contain a molecule called capsaicin that boosts fat-burning rate and promotes weight loss to an extent,” says Singh. Capsaicin boosts metabolism through thermogenesis, or production of heat. In fact, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating 6 mg of capsaicin per day improved abdominal fat loss rate in both men and women.


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