Google Maps for Android Can Navigate to Multiple Destinations With This Trick

Google Maps for Android Can Navigate to Multiple Destinations With This Trick

Google Maps for Android previously allowed users to side-track during a trip to gas stations, restaurants, cafes, and shopping marts. The app however didn’t allow users to navigate to multiple destinations, something that Google Maps allows on desktop.

Now, Android Police reports that it is possible to navigate to multiple destinations using the Maps for Android with a little help from the desktop. This indicates that the navigation to multiple destinations feature may be available to users soon.

Users will have to copy the full URL of a multiple destination search on Maps for desktop, and send it to themselves on mobile in whichever way they please, from an email to a message to yourself in a chat app. Once users click on the received link and then choose to open it in Google Maps, the app will open the multiple destination route navigation. We’ve independently verified the method works, and don’t hesitate to say it can truly be a boon to users.

In the meanwhile, Google Maps on Thursday announced a new feature targeted at users in India. TheMaps for Android and iOS in India will now show traffic alerts to users once navigation mode is switched on. The updated Maps app will offer a spoken alert about upcoming traffic conditions upon entering a destination on the app, meant to help users identify the route they want to take to their destination. While on the road, users will get a heads up about any congestion in the route, and how long it can take. The Maps app will also suggest alternate routes, including giving explanations for why one is recommended.

The feature will be available to both Android as well as iOS users and will show traffic alerts only when the navigation mode.

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