Have you heard about Beer yoga?

When it comes to getting your zen on, there are so many forms of yoga to choose from in order to improve one’s flexibility, strength and find calm. Whether it is power yoga, Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga or goat yoga — the variations don’t seem to end. And now, there’s a new type of yoga which is an amalgamation of two unlikely combinations — beer and yoga!

What’s it about
Yoga professional Nashi Venkataraman says, “Each class incorporates beer drinking into yoga poses. So, it’s about balancing the bottle on your head or taking a few sips while settling into a pose. It is believed to be an old therapy for the body, mind and soul.”

What’s the connection?
Before you start questioning the authenticity of this form of yoga, know that experts around the world have been advocating beer’s nutritional benefits for long. Nutritionist Veda Gavhane says, “Though the calorie count in this alcoholic beverage is high, beer is still said to reduce the risk of heart attack and can also protect against diabetes. Sometimes, it is also prescribed to those who run marathons as a recovery drink. So, when you combine it with a

fitness form like yoga, it can work for your body.”

A great way to make friends
Another reason for the popularity of this form of yoga is the way it helps people bond and make friends. Says Venkataraman, “In such a class, with so many unknown people, you keep passing bottle openers and clinking yourGLASSES with one another after every yoga pose. That’s how you end up meeting new people and striking a chord with them.”

Forms of beer yoga
Tree pose: This one entails balancing a bottle of beer on the head, which though quite difficult, is said to improve focus.

Beer yogi squat: While squatting down, one has to keep the bottle of beer in hand. Slowly, folding the hands, you take a sip and return to your original position.

Interesting facts
This is an hour-long session where beer yogis (yes, that’s what they are referred to as) drink two pints orGLASSES of beer while they practice salutations.


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