Here’s why you shouldn’t say no to ghee

Here’s why you shouldn’t say no to ghee

Don’t say no when you mother adds a tiny spoon of ghee to your favourite food. It is a myth that you will put on weight if you add some ghee to your everyday diet. In fact, the greasy and yummy ingredient has several health benefits. Read on…

– According to several nutritionists, ghee helps in digestion. It secretes stomach acids that help in digestion and doesn’t make you lethargic like other fatty oils do.

– Do you have a vitamin deficiency? If yes, you should be adding ghee to your meal. It is abundant in vitamin A.

– Cholesterol is classified into two kinds — good and bad. Well, ghee is the good cholesterol that acts like a healing agent for your body.

– Several doctors recommend adding ghee to the daily diet of women, especially those who are pregnant. It is said to be good for the growing foetus.

– Ghee has several ayurvedic ingredients that can bring a glow to your face.

– Consume ghee even if you are trying to lose weight. Just make sure you have it in moderate quantity.

– Avoid ghee in sweets. Instead, add it to rasam, sambhar, dal or curry.

– It is an antioxidant with anti-viral properties.

– If you fall sick quite often and you feel the need to improve your immune system, add a pinch of ghee to your food. Ayurvedic physicians and researchers have said that ghee helps build your immune system.

– According to ayurveda studies, ghee is considered to be ‘positive food’. It is considered to be satvic, when compared to fatty oils.

– Apart from the health benefits, another advantage of ghee is that it is easy to store and doesn’t get spoiled easily.
– Did you burn your hand while cooking? Do not worry. Apply a little ghee on the spot to heel quickly.
– Beyond all this, ghee just adds a lot of flavour to the food and makes it yummier! So, don’t keep ghee away from the varied dishes made at home.


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