Should You Move Out of Your Parents’ House?

Moving out of your parents’ house is a huge milestone. It’s probably the first big step you take in adulthood. However, it’s not as simple as packing your bags, settling into an apartment by yourself, and blasting loud music as you dance.

There are plenty of considerations to take when deciding to move out. The most important factor is your readiness. You should be prepared to live on your own and take care of your necessities. Before you look up condo and property listings
near you, assess your situation first. It is better that you know both the advantages and disadvantages before you make your final decision.

What Are the Advantages of Moving Out?

People move out of their parents’ house to gain autonomy over their own life. When you move out, no one decides for you anymore. You take care of your own finances, do your own laundry, cook your own food, and follow your own schedule.

There won’t be house rules anymore, except for ones that you make for yourself. You can bring your friends over anytime. And, most importantly, you don’t have to argue with anyone. You can also decorate your own space without worrying about anybody commenting about your taste. A gratifying sense stems from this kind of living arrangement.

If you are the type of person who values your personal space and time over anything else, then moving out is ideal.

When you live with your family, almost everything is a shared space. While this isn’t entirely wrong, many parents out there don’t give their children personal space. The lack of privacy can be inhibiting for you, especially with your social life. You may also get frustrated because of this living situation.

Moving out will give you the privacy that you are looking for. You don’t need to answer hundreds of questions anymore about your work, friends, or dating life.

Relying on yourself and not on anyone else for your needs will make you grow as a person. Making decisions and going through different situations all by yourself will develop your self-reliance. It will also challenge your self-esteem.

The thing about living by yourself is that you have no choice but to go through the challenges. You chose to be in that situation, so you have to take on the complex challenges. Little by little, you will be a more responsible person capable of making careful decisions.

If you move out to a different city, you will find yourself in front of new opportunities. Such opportunities won’t come by if you choose to stay in your hometown.

What Are the Disadvantages of Moving Out?

While sharing spaces can be annoying and frustrating, it is economical. Living away from your parents means you take care of every single expense . You have to pay for that bowl of cereal you used to get for free from when you were living with your parents now.

Living with your parents is free, but now you have to pay rent and utilities. The cost of solo living is not cheap. You need to be earning a decent paycheck to afford groceries, medical expenses, and transportation costs. Unless you are ready to buy your own toilet paper, don’t move out.

You might be the designated dog walker at your old house, but you don’t have anyone to share the chores with now. You have to clean up your own mess, cook your own food, and take care of yourself when you are sick.

These are some chores you need to include in your daily routine. That is if you want to live in a clean and comfortable space. If you are great at scheduling tasks and doing housework, then that is an advantage.

Living in your parents’ house does not only provide comfort but safety as well. The outside world can be hostile, and when you live alone, emotional challenges can get too difficult for you. If you live with your parents, you can stay in bed the whole day, and you will hear a knock on your door asking if you need anything. Living alone means having to pick up after yourself despite the lack of energy and willingness to move.

Of course, you can still call home or visit from time to time. But living in a different space will never be the same as living with your family.

Moving out is not just some fancy thing people in their 20s or late teens consider. Some people need to move out because of mental health issues, security reasons, and many more. If you are moving out to find yourself and develop personal growth, that’s a challenge worthy of your strengths.


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