Tokyo’s New Health Craze: What is Adult Swaddling Therapy?

Tokyo's New Health Craze: What is Adult Swaddling Therapy?

Who doesn’t love a good cuddle? The feeling of warmth that embraces the body provides a sense of calm that is unmatchable. But, not all may have the luxury of a good cuddle. So what’s the next best thing? Introducing – Adult Swaddling Therapy, which is new craze in Tokyo. Inspired by the ancient method of swaddling a baby to keep the little one warm, as well as restrict his or her sudden movement to enable good sleep, this therapy can work wonders for adults too. Swaddling is basically a technique where a baby is wrapped with a blanket or other clothes to resemble a cocoon of some sort. Doing so helps in keeping newly born babies warm as their natural thermostat system are yet to be developed.

Coming to adults, this technique involves people to sit cross-legged and be wrapped with a large cloth from head to toe. They are then rocked back and forth, as it is believed that that can help loosen their muscles, alleviate stiffness and improve posture. It’s been said that it could be very beneficial for new mothers.


While the masses seem to be going gaga about it, medical experts seem to have their reservations because it is not based on scientific research. Well, some would argue that science cannot explain everything. It is not without reasons that centuries-old practises were followed largely to take care of one’s health. Some of them are still very relevant today and shown to help many people in more ways than one.

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