Turmeric may help fight breast cancer


Breast cancer is no more a disease linked to developed countries only. It is on the rise among women of developing and under developed world as well. Increasingly becoming the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in females, this dreadful disease needs to be prevented and treated in the best possible ways.

The reason for increasing numbers of patients can partially be due to the fact that breast cancer awareness among women is growing rapidly and more are being diagnosed than before. Besides this, there are several other factors like increase in obesity due to modern eating habits and lack of time to exercise, urbanisation, sedentary ways of living and changing reproductive patterns that thrust its occurrence.

Over 60 percent of breast cancer cases in India are detected in stage 3 or 4, according to statistics available. At these advance stages, it becomes difficult to cure the patient. Early detection through regular medical check-ups should is a must to check this incidence. You should also observe your body time to time to check the symptoms. If you find any lump in your breast or underarm area, any unusual discharge from nipples or any change in the shape or size of the breast, immediately visit a specialist doctor.

You can also incorporate many foods in your daily diet that may fight malignant cancer cells at the onset. Among food supplements, turmeric consists rich source of cancer-fighting compound called cur cumin. A pinch of the spice may fight the toughest of cancer causing cells, including breast, gastrointestinal, skin and lung cancer. Abundant in anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties, it also helps prevent its recurrence after treatment. It is very competent to increase the effects of chemotherapy by overcoming the drug resistance. Adding this bright yellow culinary spice to your daily diet during radiation therapy is advised. There is some evidence that turmeric could help protect normal breast cells from radiation-induced cancer in case it is used to treat any other cancer. It can be an effective dietary chemo-preventive agent in women already exposed to combined hormone therapy.

The simple lifestyle strategy and few food supplements can be inexplicably protective against breast cancer. Add it to your daily diet. Research has shown people who consume turmeric every day are at lower risk of not only breast cancer but few more certain types of cancers. Thanks to the perennial plant native to South East Asia, China and India. Kill breast cancer cells and prevent more from growing with this incredible anti-cancer spice




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