Where to go on Your First Solo Trip

How to Plan Your First Solo Trip | HuffPost Life

Plan a trip to this city for a high level of exploration as it offers endless walking and outdoor discovery. This is one of the most spellbinding European cities, bursting with energy from a unique blend of its glorious past and present; making it the socio, political and economic heart of the Czech Republic. You can get started with your Prague adventure from the Old Town Square admiring the medieval architecture, wait by the Astronomical Tower, take a leisurely stroll across the Charles Bridge and give a visit to the Old Jewish Ghetto that’ll make you so engrossed that you lose track of time. You can also admire the mystical charm of the Prague Castle, explore David Černý’s fascinating sculptures and take a soul-stirring Vltava River cruise in the evening when your feet give up and you just want to unwind the day gazing far in the river, contemplating the poetic charm of the city.        


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