9 things about a woman’s body we bet men didn’t know

TNN | November 06, 2017
Facts about a female’s body she may be too shy to admit

1/9Facts about a female’s body she may be too shy to admit

Sex education is a sad affair in our country. Body-positivity only sounds like a classy word that comes from revolutionaries-of-sorts from far off lands. But, guess what? We all have bodies and we all have issues with them. Knowing about what is normal and what isn’t is nothing but mandatory. So, in a bid to destigmatize knowledge about your body and its sexuality, here’s looking into facts about a female’s body she may be too shy to admit.

​Nipples can have hair around them

2/9​Nipples can have hair around them

NIPPLES CAN HAVE HAIR AROUND THEM: This was a question asked by a baffled boyfriend on an online portal for sex queries (only one that we came across). He thought there was something unusual with his partner and she needs some kind of treatment as she had hair around her nipples. However, he isn’t the one who is at fault; it is our faulty sex education. It is totally normal for women to have hair around their nipples, blame medications or hormones, but, it is all too normal.

​Your breasts sag

3/9​Your breasts sag

YOUR BREASTS SAG: If you haven’t seen another pair in real life and are only relying on media to set a contrast, you are in for some major disappointment and complex. Real breasts are rarely uptight, or at least not as much as they are shown in movies and media all over.


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