The best eco fashion instagram accounts to follow now

If you’re at all into fashion, you’re probably well aware of the sustainability and environmental issues currently surrounding the industry. In 2017 it was reported by the Global Fashion Agenda that if the industry doesn’t change, its impact on the climate is expected to increase by 49% by 2030.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your own clothes consumption and move away from fast fashion(fashion that is cheaply and quickly produced to follow trends), take inspiration from these fashion accounts on Instagram – they all promote eco friendly fashion and offer tips for getting more life out of your current wardrobe as well as finding ways to shop more sustainably.

Faye’s a big believer in repurposing clothes, picking up treasures in thrift stores and shopping your own wardrobe. Tune in to her account @fayedelanty for a daily dose of style advice and a healthy dollop of wellness wisdom thrown in for good measure.

A fashion industry insider, Nicole Bennet has seen first hand the effect that fast fashion is having on the environment. Not only that, she believes that our trend following habits are getting in the way of our personal style and preventing us from properly exploring our own tastes. The Helm Society – @thehelm_society – runs events to raise awareness on the issues facing the industry and highlights designers that focus on sustainability. So if you’re looking for more inspiring independent brands with a good heart, this is good place to start.

Started in 2010 by Jennifer Nini, Eco Warrior Princess has since developed into a global brand, highlighting and investigating environmental and conservation news, sustainable fashion, social justice and eco friendly beauty. @ecowarriorprincess offers a snippet of the wealth of resources and informative articles that can be found on the website, as well as pointing out some of the most exciting eco brands around today.

If you want to know more about what’s really going on in the fashion supply chain, head to the Fashion Revolution’s page, @fash_rev, which lifts the lid on the malpractices taking place and highlights the brands and movements that are actually making a difference. Focusing particularly on the labourers who make our clothes, this global movement is calling for greater transparency and working rights for factory workers supporting the industry.

A consultancy that helps businesses find sustainable solutions, Eco Age’s founder and CEO is Livia Firth – the woman behind the Green Carpet Challenge, which encourages celebrities to wear red carpet looks more than once. For those interested in finding ways to make their own businesses more sustainable, @ecoage is a particularly poignant account to follow.

Founder of ConsciousNChic, Kathleen offers up a daily dose of laid-back glamour and quick-fire wisdom from her Instagram account. If you’re looking to be pointed in the direction of sustainable brands that are actually chic, @consciousnchic offers exactly that.

Aditi Mayer’s account, @aditimayer, is truly a feast for the eyes; a dreamy compilation of subdued hues, rich textures and curious backdrops. Aditi shares her wisdom on eco friendly fashion as she travels the globe and delves into the sustainability practices of each place she visits.

A long time ethical fashion activist, Joshua Katcher set up the ethical vegan brand, Brave GentleMan, in 2010, offering impeccably made clothing and accessories to men in search of ethically made fashion. A big fan of thrifted, vintage and second- hand finds as well as ethical and sustainable living, his online magazine and Instagram account, The Discerning Brute, @tthediscerningbrute, is an extension of those values. Amongst the tailored coats and vegan biker jackets you’ll be given a glimpse into his own personal style as well as inspiration and advice on how to live your life more ethically, too.


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