Chinese fashion group EP Yaying to expand into the US and Australia

Chinese fashion group EP Yaying is planning to expand beyond Asia by launching in the US and Australia by next year.

The group is bullish about the increasing popularity of the Chinese culture-inspired fashion, and believes it will resonate with foreign consumers.

EP Yaying started as a small garment factory in 1988 and in 2016, it has adopted a dual-brand development strategy to cater to different customer bases. Its EP brand offers contemporary international fashion styles while Yaying focuses on “deep exploration of China’s traditional culture, aesthetics, fashion and craftsmanship for modern women with exquisite Chinese cultural identity”.

Today, the fashion group owns and operates multiple luxury fashion brands, with a store network of over 500 in more than 210 cities across China and Malaysia.

The group has recently launched a solo fashion show for its Yaying brand, featuring its 2020 haute couture collection, which is described as “a testament to the grandeur of the brand’s vision and the global relevance of its exquisite Chinese culture in picturesque fashion”.

The 2020 haute couture collection, designed by creative director Chen Xi, features motifs of Chinese fans, from geometric tailoring and structures that allude to ceremonial fans used by the royal family to symbolise their majesty, to precise hand-pleating techniques that resemble the three-dimensional texture of traditional folding fans.

Xi said the collection is inspired by The Forbidden City, which is celebrating its 600th anniversary next year, and a tribute to the finest of Chinese aesthetics and craftsmanship.

EP Yaying will also build a 15,000sqm HWA Fashion and Arts Centre, which will house fashion, arts and cultural spaces. The centre, to be opened to the public, is part of the group’s social responsibility initiative to foster increasing international cultural and artistic exchanges.

“We will continue to create more value for our customers and contribute to the great rejuvenation of Chinese culture in the global fashion industry,” said chairman Zhang Hwaming.


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