Cyber Work Podcast: Take control of your career with CyberSeek [product walkthrough]

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In this episode of the Cyber Work with Infosec podcast, host Chris Sienko interviews Tim Herbert, vice president of research and market intelligence at CyberSeek, the foremost online cybersecurity career research engine and CompTIA, one of the IT industry’s top certification associations. CyberSeek combines job posting data with localized job market data to create an interactive tool that can map out cybersecurity career paths.

This article will explore this podcast episode and present every question asked in detail, laying out Tim’s invaluable insight into this useful cybersecurity online career research engine. The second half of the podcast is a demo of CyberSeek which is so interactive and hands-on that no written article can do it justice. CyberSeek can be found here.

How did you get involved in security and get into your role at CompTIA and CyberSeek?

Tim Herbert describes himself as a data junkie and he has been fascinated with it for years. His security journey has been deeply entwined with research, which he does full time at CompTIA as their head of research. This passion has led Tim to delve into the burgeoning field of data analytics. Part of his passion is due to his love for understanding the world around him and playing around with data mapping.

Where did the idea for CyberSeek come from and what problem was it trying to address?

CyberSeek has been trying to fill a void that has existed in cybersecurity career path planning. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does a good job with high-level information, there is a major lag when it comes to technology. In the case of cybersecurity, they only count 100,000 professionals as working in the field.

Since technology touches everything today, CyberSeek wanted to better size the work force and show what (Read more…)

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