Eating Celery & Broccoli May Support Breast Cancer Treatment

Eating Celery & Broccoli May Support Breast Cancer Treatment

A group of researchers from University of Missouri have discovered that regular consumption of vegetables like celery and broccoli and also herbs like parley and thyme can reduce the risk of developing metastasis that originates from breast cancer on women. The study shows that these vegetables and herbs contain a natural compound called Luteolin that helps in supporting breast cancer treatment by reducing the side effects. Luteolin is a non-toxic plant-based compound that has been shown to act against several types of cancers.

This particular study focuses on triple negative breast cancers where the cancer cells lack the three receptors due to which the common cancer drugs are unable to find these cells and doctors may have to resort to aggressive and toxic treatment options.

One of the major problems faced by women suffering from this type of breast cancer is that they tend develop metastatic lesions that originate from the drug-resistant cells. Therefore, experts have been looking for safer treatment methods for this type of cancer which may not result into such side effects.


In order to reach their results, the team tested if Luteolin can suppress metastasis in mice with human triple-negative breast cancer cells. Their findings showed that Luteolin was able inhibit the growth of metastasis in the lungs of the mice. For mice subjected to Luteolin, the growth of metastatic was significantly lower. Moreover, there were no toxic effects or weight loss in mice after being treated with Luteolin.

Therefore, the study concludes that Luteolin could be a safe and effective way of dealing with the problem of metastatic in people suffering from triple negative cancers.

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