5 Helpful Back Exercises for Men to Get Rid of the Pain

5 Helpful Back Exercises for Men to Get Rid of the Pain

In a fast paced world as ours, one hardly has any time for personal needs, leave alone time for another person. Owing to this very lifestyle, we are naturally more susceptible to health issues than our ancestors ever were. Our competitive nature, desire for material gains and so on, lead to neglecting our personal health which should, in fact, hold number one position in our priority list. Physical exercise is extremely important for men in order to keep their health intact and stable. In fact, physical fitness and mental health are directly proportional to each other.

In order to be mentally healthy, one’s physical health must be constantly built and worked upon. An improvement in one’s physical health will naturally transform the individual into a healthy, positive soul. However, a majority of men do not engage in physical exercise as used to be the case earlier. There is rarely any emphasis on the formation of a routine in our day-to-day lives, inclusive of an exercise regime to improve physical health. This sort of scornful attitude towards our body is responsible for the rise in illnesses in men.

Some of the common health issues, especially for men, include back pain, upper or lower back, neck pain, joint pain and so on. Of all these, back problems are a major cause of concern. However, you need not worry as we have our team of experts with some phenomenal suggestions on how you can keep this fundamental part of your body strong and away from trouble.

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Causes of Back Pain

Generally, factors like stress, depression, anxiety, obesity, grueling physical work and so on are major causes of back pain. Often, men in sporting activities like golf or football end up injuring their backs and since a lot of them do not train professionally, they end up harming their backs permanently.

When one’s mind does not focus on a single activity and is muddled with thoughts of diverse kinds, it could result in painful and life threatening back problems. It is important to remember that the lower back is more vulnerable to stress and strain and hence lower back issues are more common than upper back. The lower back has to support the entire back and thus putting excess load on is not advisable.

Exercises to Curb Back Pain

Here’s your guide to a stronger back –

Puneet Nautiyal, Assistant Manager, Fitness First, gives us an insight into certain advantageous exercises, both for rehabilitation of the back as well as for regular training and strengthening of the back muscles.

1. Pull Up and Down

For Beginners – the Lat Pull Down

Sit on a pull down machine with a bar attached to the top. Hold the bar with both the palms. Now, bring your torso back forward to about 30 degrees, chest out. While breathing out, bring the bar down to touch your chest. The aim is to squeeze the back muscles. Repeat this. This exercise is used to target the upper back.

For Intermediates – Assisted Pull Up

Here, an assisted pull up machine is used similar to the lat pull up. It is an exercise for the upper body. The assisted pull up is a large machine with platforms. It aims to strengthen the upper back.

For Advanced- Pull-ups

Again this exercise is done to target the upper back. Pull up bars are used. It is the most convenient exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime. They are often referred to as the “king of back development”.

2. Row Exercises

For Beginners – Seated Row

A low pulley machine with a V bar is used. Hold the V bars while leaning over. Pull back your torso back to 90 degrees. Pull the handles back and forth as you repeat. This exercise uses the major joints of the body and is a significant means to strengthen the back muscles. Along with the back, even the shoulders and arms are at an advantage.

For Intermediates – One Arm Row

Put dumbbells on each side of a bench. Put your right leg on the bench, knee bent, in such a way that your upper body is parallel to the floor. Using the left hand, pick the dumbbell and hold. Repeat. This is often known as the ultimate back exercise. There is no lower back strain involved and it helps to build ones physique as well.

3. Cat Camel Stretch

With your hands and knees on the floor, allow your head to droop down. This is for the entire back, round your back towards the ceiling. Hold on till the back feels stretched. Repeat it at least 2 times. It helps increase mobility of the spine. It is also known to protect the spine.

4. Quadruped Arm-Leg Raise

The opposite arm and leg is used here. Sit on your hands and knees, extend one leg and lift the opposite arm till they are in line with the body. Switch sides and repeat. It is also known as bird dog and is helpful for the lower back.

5. The Child’s Pose

This is a very common exercise to enhance one’s back muscles. It also reduces stress. It is a resting pose. Rest your head down, with knees folded and toes touching each other. The arms must be tucked behind and the forehead should touch the ground. Hold on for a minute and repeat.

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