The five best places to travel

As much as it is exciting to think about, it can also be rather challenging to plan. Even just to chose your next travel destination is often a struggle, especially with so many incredible places to see, so little time and so many things to check off of your bucket list. Here are the best travel destinations to help you narrow down your list when you travel with Opodo , the first online travel agency who has Pan-European services, and make an educated decision when choosing your next vacation spot.

Copenhagen, Denmark
It should come of no surprise why the Danish capital is a hot spot to visit. Over the past decade tourism in Copenhagen has increased by over 80%. They have definitely been doing something right. And there is still so much more that is yet to be discovered in this magical city, with new trendy bars and restaurants featuring gourmet Nordic dishes, and a new design movement that you will not want to miss.

Mauritius is a remote island that is right off of the east cost of Africa. It has not always been such a popular travel destination since it is rather isolated, but in the past year or so many airlines have started to fly direct to this secretive island, realizing how special it really is and that the beauty is found within it’s hiddeness. Now more and more travelers can enjoy their glorious beaches across the Indian Ocean, together with top notch seafood and service in the resorts and hotels of Mauritius.

Marrakesh, Morocco
Marrakesh is the known as the cultural center of Morocco, the spectacular north African country. It is full of art renaissance, with the opening of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and the launch of a very high-profile African art fair. The city also hosts many high-class galleries and has a reputation of being heaven for writers and artists. You will be in for an unforgettable experience.

Bahamas is the Caribbean paradise that everyone dreams of visiting. And right now, this dreamy island has even more to offer with the opening of many new luxurious resorts. By the spring there will be a multi-billion dollar hotel and casino opening it’s doors on the Cable Beach of Nassau. If you are less into city life and are looking for more of a beach experience, Paradise Island is right next door with the well known Ocean Club resort, under the Four Season management.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Ever since the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in 2005, they have made a strong and seriously impressive comeback. They have completely rejuvenated themselves by investing in hospitality, dining and in the arts. In the Central Business District, which one was only for business now hosts four new beautiful hotels, each with a trendy rooftop bar. Both locals and tourists can enjoy all the many art shows throughout the city, and Mardi Gras is still as big and colorful as ever. The most tempting thing to be found in New Orleans however is without a doubt their creole and Cajun-fusion dishes.


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