Get paid to travel this summer, but there’s one unique catch

One travel company is offering six people the adventure of a lifetime; to travel across a continent on an all-expenses-paid trip worth £8000 (€9316) this summer. The days will be spent having unique new experiences and capturing content. There’s only one catch; Instagram’s audience gets to dictate their next move.

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The experiment will see Instagram users casting votes on what the travellers should do next. Image by d3sign

Launched by travel company Busabout, The Great Travel Experiment will see successful candidates capturing videos and images while travelling. Every day holiday decisions will be in the hands of other Instagram users, from choices like whether to skydive or white water raft in Switzerland or whether or not to eat a deep-fried insect in Bangkok. Through the use of interactive polls on Instagram Stories, audiences will have their say in each and every moment of the winners’ global adventures.

Succesful applicants will travel through the USA, Europe or South East Asia. Image by Thibault Vr / EyeEm

The six winners will travel in pairs through either the United States, East Asia or Europe. There are two positions available in each destination, including an Instagram storyteller (someone who is confident in front of a lens and passionate about sharing tales from the road), and a videographer who has a flair for filming and editing engaging content. All successful candidates, no matter what their chosen position, will be required to get involved in the challenges set by Instagram’s audience. “We’re looking for adventure-loving-up-for-anything individuals. With the Instagram audience dictating their every move, the ideal candidate will be a fearless, charismatic storyteller that can show how being flexible and spontaneous creates better travel experiences,” Busabout managing director, Duncan Robertson told Lonely Planet Travel News.

The southeast Asia and USA itineraries both last for six weeks over the summer, while the 11-week European itinerary hits the hotspots across the continent, culminating with beer and pretzels at Oktoberfest in Munich. All six content creators will be paid £200 (€232) each week on top of the trip.

The Great Travel Experiment is open now for submissions. Applicants can select their chosen position and preferred destination and are asked to record a 60-second video showcasing the best bits of their own hometown. Candidates can apply as a pair or singly. Entries are open until 8 April, before a shortlist is selected for a public vote.


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