Guruvani: ‘The next generation is impatient with career’

Arun Ram Krishna Verma, director, Gnyanodaya Multipurpose Hg School, Vasai.

Arun Ram Krishna Verma, director, Gnyanodaya Multipurpose Hg School, Vasai.(HT )

Talking about the challenge he faces as the director of the school, Verma says he says it is his duty to take the students forward to the 22nd Century, for which one needs to be well equipped with latest technologies and trends. He also stresses on the importance for teachers to keep up to date with the changing times and trends in order to teach the students. Talking about the next generation, he says the young ones are impatient in terms of career growth as they are quick to develop their skills. On the topic of access to social media, he says if well-handled, it can be an added advantage to the students as it exposes them to the rest of the world.

What are the challenges you face as a Director?

My biggest challenge as a Director is to take my students forward to the 22nd Century. I believe “technology integration translates into enhanced student’s achievement”, and hence, I want my teachers, parents and students to be tech-savvy.

My challenge is to have the most advanced digital technologies, such as laptops, to teach students. This will not only help teachers but will also reduce the burden on students of writing books and correcting them. This will also ensure that the school is paper-free. I have already taken the first step towards this challenge and will be working hard to fulfil my aim by 2020-end.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Do you agree with this phrase?

Yes! A teacher may be recognised only in a classroom, but they are second to parents. They play an equally important role in bringing up kids.

Teachers contribute more to the future of our society than any other profession. Teachers are the life support of students.

Success has become an obsession for people of all ages nowadays. What is your take on it?

Obsession can be defined as “the domination of one’s thoughts or feeling by a persistence idea, image desire”. Obsession is not always bad. When a person is obsessed with having certain privileges in life, he works towards it, thus heading towards success.

What kind of emphasis do you put in teacher training?

There is a need for the teachers in today’s world to be well versed with their subjects. The teachers at my school are well-educated professionals who continuously update themselves in their respective fields.

The management also tries to review the performance of the teachers on a bimonthly basis to help them improve themselves. It is a collective affair where all teachers pool in their ideas for effective solutions.

What is the next generation‘s biggest strength? Which area needs improvement?

The next generation is impatient when it comes to career growth. They are tech-savvy and quick to develop their skills.

The next generation is, as we say, more tilted towards social media. If well-handled, access to social media can be an added advantage.

How can senior citizens contribute to a student’s growth?

These days, families wish to live as a nuclear unit, and in the process they lose the contribution of a senior member. The elderly play a critical role in the lives of young people and they can learn from each other.

The elderly can also help ensure that the children receive the attention and monitoring they need but often lack due to the busy lifestyles. And this also offers an opportunity to the senior citizens to learn about new technology and trends.

What according to you is the role of media in education?

Media has a vital role to play in education as students can have access to the rest of the world to bolster their education.

Media also ensures that students are exposed to various fields which proves to be beneficial while choosing their careers.


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