Need ‘Fitspiration’ For The New Year? Check Out This Chinese Family’s Viral Weight Loss Journey!

Need 'Fitspiration' For The New Year? Check Out This Chinese Family's Viral Weight Loss Journey!

Weight loss is on all of our minds, and especially with all the holiday weight beginning to show, I’m sure you’re also starting to feel the need to hit the gym. If you haven’t been able to motivate yourselves to hit the treadmill yet, then this Chinese family’s incredible weight loss transformation certainly will. Yes, you read that right. This is not the weight loss journey of any one person, but an entire family that decided to keep each other motivated through their journey to become healthier.

32-year-old Jesse is a China-based photographer who decided to help his father lose his growing beer belly. Slowly and gradually, Jesse’s whole family, including his then-pregnant wife and his mother too took up the weight loss challenge. Needless to say, motivation never ran thin in the household as the members encouraged each other to make efforts every day, for six months. The results speak for themselves!

Jesse and his father both now sport six-pack abs and his wife and mother have also lost weight. But how did the family accomplish this? Along with a rigorous exercise routines, Jesse and his family also went on a diet and cut out foods that were fattening. They started out by walking every day, then moved on jogging, adding more exercises to their regime, eventually joining the gym. The family kept a close check on their progress with Jesse photographing their body transformation every 10 days.

As is pretty evident, the family looks much healthier and happier now that they’re fitter. The whole weight loss journey of Jesse’s family has been captured in a documentary called ‘Daddy Changed’. The family says that fitness has become a routine for them now and that they intend to stick to it. Jesse has revealed that weight loss has made his father a more confident man. Now that’s some ‘fitspiration’ we all needed to kickstart our year with! About time you hit the gym, isn’t it?


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