Ultimate running guide for beginners: What to eat, how to start, distance and more

Running can reduce back pain and keep your knees healthy.

For gym-phobes and those who hate exercising, running can make for a perfect way to stay fit and healthy. Research shows that running can benefit the spine and reduce back pain, keep your knees healthy and ensure complete mind-body well being. Here is a guide of everything you need to know about it:

* Who can run?

Running is for everyone irrespective of your age, size or background. Start slow and gradually you will observe that you are able to run for a longer span of time. Don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning. Check out online apps and training programs that suit your fitness levels and goals. There are more chances of you sticking to your goal if you run in groups so perhaps rope in a friend as well.

For running, ensure you have T-shirts, shorts and running shoes. (Shutterstock)

* What gear should you have?

For running, you don’t need expensive gear. Invest in a pair of shorts, T-shirts and comfortable running shoes that suit your running style and minimise impact. Or you can even run barefoot following in the steps of Milind Soman. Ensure that you stay hydrated.

 * Do you need to exercise?

Apart from running, you need to exercise to ensure that you develop core strength and to prevent injury. Even five minutes of warming up and cooling down as well as doing exercises targeted at specific muscles will help.

Carbohydrates like cereal will give you energy to run. (Shutterstock)

* What should you eat?

You need fuel to run better and hence, a proper diet is important. Ensure you consume carbohydrates (porridge, cereal, bagel) a couple of hours before your workout. Post the run, replenish your protein supply with eggs, yoghurt, nuts, or meat.




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