5 surprising reasons you have dark circles and how you can deal with them

Here are a few unknown reasons why could be suffering from dark circles.

Dark circles beneath our eyes are a mood spoiler. They make us look old and tired. Usually, most of us believe that it’s because of lack of sleep we develop dark circles. While, this is true in most cases but it’s not the only reason why get dark circles. Here is a list of a few uncommon reasons why you could be suffering from dark circles.

1)Lack of iron- Iron deficiency is one of the reasons why you may have dark circles. Iron carries oxygen throughout the cells in our bodies. Lack of iron means lack of oxygen in cells. A diet rich in green vegetables and fruits like apple should do the trick for you to get rid of dark circles.

2)Oversleeping- While its lack of sleep that leads to formation of dark circles. However, excess of everything is bad. Hence, oversleeping can also lead to you having dark circles. It leads to accumulation of fluid around your entire face. So, next time if you are planning to sleep through the weekend then think twice.

3)Consumption of salt- If you consume salty products such as chips, salted dry fruits then you ought to stop. Excessive consumption of salt leads to water retention, which leads to dark circles. Exercise moderation when it consumption of salt.

4)Excessive exposure to sun- While being in the sun is good, since it’s the best source of Vitamin D but if you spend too much time or don’t use sunscreen then you can get dark circles. Sunlight increases the level of melanin in the body, which makes the skin dark. Always use sunscreen when you are out in the sun.

5)Make up and products- Sometimes the mascara, eye-liner or concealer you use, could be causing you dark circles. The reason is that at times we get an allergic reaction from using them. Also, the scratching and rubbing that takes place while applying and removing make-up, can cause dark circles. Always check if the product suits you or not and be gentle while applying and removing them.


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