8 Glutamine Rich Foods and How They Can Boost Your Muscle Strength

8 Glutamine Rich Foods and How They Can Boost Your Muscle Strength

Let’s begin by looking at what glutamine really is. It is the most important amino acid found in our body and yet a lot of us have very little or sometimes no knowledge at all about this extremely significant “building block” of protein. It is mostly present in the skeletal muscles and lungs, and involved in performing very essential functions. Some of these include digestion, repairing damaged tissues, strengthening of the immune system, and eliminating waste products like ammonia from the body.

While each individual produces certain amounts of glutamine daily, sometimes due intense workout sessions or circumstances like stress and anxiety, it becomes necessary to externally consume glutamine rich food as the normal amount of glutamine production is depleted from the body, decreasing one’s strength and stamina.


Dr Anju Sood, a renowned Nutritionist from Bengaluru, adds that apart from the benefits of glutamine mentioned above, it also assists the body in producing glutathione, which is an anti oxidant. It is required to maintain the pH level of the body. It is also known to improve nerve efficiency and mood swings.


Glutamine Rich Foods


Here is a list of glutamine rich foods that you could consume in case of lack of this highly essential protein. Apart from adding supplements to your daily diet, you can rely on these food items to balance out the glutamine content in your body. While animal proteins are highly rich in glutamine, there are numerous vegetables as well that would do the trick.


1. Meat

Meat contains very high amount of protein. Any food that is high in protein is also high in glutamine. Meat is considered one of the richest sources of glutamine. Beef, chicken and lamb are excellent sources of glutamine.

red meat 620

2. Seafood

Fish is a great source of glutamine. So if you love your grilled salmon, baked river sole with spices or traditional Indian fish curry, you are getting a good dose. Salt-water fish has a higher content of glutamine than fresh water fish.

salmon 620

3. Milk

Milk helps promote glutathione production, which is an anti oxidant and is great for the body. It is essentially rich in glutamine. Add milk to your daily diet and your glutamine content in the body will remain stable.

milk 620

4. Nuts

They are fairly rich in glutamine content. It would be unhealthy to munch on nuts the whole day but consuming just a handful of them two to three times a day will provide a good amount of glutamine. Almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts are some of the nuts that are beneficial.


5. Eggs

Eggs are especially beneficial for those individuals who engage in daily physical exercise. They are a great source of Vitamin K, B Vitamin including biotin, thiamine and Vitamin B12. They are also an excellent source of selenium, Vitamin D low cost protein and glutamine content.

eggs 620

6. Cabbage

Along with building one’s immunity and over all health, cabbage, essentially red cabbage, is a powerful source of glutamine. It is important to note that eating raw cabbage is more beneficial than cooked one as cooking cabbage will reduce the glutamine content. Thus it is advised to consume cabbage in the form of salads.

cabbage 625

7. Protein Drinks

Energy drinks are an important source of the amino acid, glutamine. Athletes must consume these protein shakes. Whey Protein is a common source of protein that individuals who actively workout consume. It is great to improve protein synthesis and build muscles.

energy drink 620

8. Beans

For vegetarians, peas and beans are an important source of glutamine. In case one is recovering from a health issue and there is lack of glutamine, soy beans and kidney beans are extremely beneficial in such cases.

beans 620

Thus in conclusion, it can be stated that food sources high in protein are great sources of glutamine as well. It forms one of the most important amino acid in the body and is required to maintain muscle mass. In case individuals are aiming at losing weight, glutamine rich food could prove to be advantageous.


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